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Youth in Abu Dis

Young people in Abu Dis have a difficult time living under occupation. Young people in Abu Dis have experienced things that no young person should take for granted - the army coming into their schools on a regular basis, friends being imprisoned, young people being shot. Now that Abu Dis is divided by the Separation Wall, families have been affected with unemployment soaring, and other parts of their lives have suffered badly. People going to school on the other side of the wall have had to stop. Young people are now cut off from the cinema. There is no real playground in Abu Dis. There is one sports club, though it is badly in need of renovation. Dar Assadaqa (supported by CADFA) is providing a new venue for youth activities in Abu Dis throughout the year.

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Youth activities at Dar Assadaqa, Abu Dis

CADFA support many activities at Dar Assadaqa throughout the year, and a high point of the year is the summer camp during the summer holiday which every year is run by CADFA volunteers.
Dar Assadaqa blog

Youth exchanges between Camden and Abu Dis

CADFA have organised youth visits from Camden to Abu Dis every summer since 2006; in 2011, we ran two youth exchanges and in 2012 we are running three. These are really exciting both for Palestinian young people and for their British buddies. Contact us if you would like to be involved in one of these exchanges or if you would like to help CADFA's work as a volunteer.

Our summer visit blog is here.

Information on the football visit in autumn 2012 is here.

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