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31 July 2015

Welcome to the
Camden Abu Dis
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Promoting human rights and respect for

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26th May: CADFA volunteers in London organised event at Tartreez Café, Hackney
15th May: CADFA commemorate the Nakba of 1948
6+7th May: Israel gave orders to 34 Bedouin families on Abu Dis land to leave their houses which Israel will destroy.
6th May: Adnan Khader who was released after 3 months' hunger strike last year was rearrested with no trial, and has returned to hunger strike
2nd May: Israelis built iron gate at entrance to AzZayem, north of Abu Dis
1st May: Arrests in Abu Dis
End of April: Administrative detention extended for Hassan Shhadeh and Nader Jaffal. There are currently five people from Abu Dis in Israeli prisons without a hope of trial and with this regularly renewed.
24th April: Young boy shot and killled by Israeli solder at Az-Zayem checkpoint north of Abu Dis.
Mid April: CADFA visit to Palestine
late March: Israelis fenced in the community of Az Zayem building new gate
22nd March: final CADFA women's visit event in Camden
13th March: further arrests at the Bawabit al-Quds protest camp
12th March: CADFA women's visit to Britain, activities in Manchester, North Wales, Lancaster, Llanidloes, Blackburn, Pendle, Northampton, Worcester, Hackney
26th February: CADFA open meeting: CADFA and social media - also celebration of the release of Hosam and Yazan!!
18th February: CADFA campaign: Free Hosam! Free Yazan!
17th February: Hosam and Yazan arrested (among others at Bawabit al-Quds)
7th February: Student Twinning Conference at UCL
2nd February: Bawabit al-Quds protest camp set up to protest Israeli land confiscation
29th January: CADFA students visit to Britain - activities in Yorkshire, Manchester, Blackburn, Leeds, Lincoln, Camden, Hackney
25th December: Nader Jaffal - another administrative detainee in Abu Dis, 2015
20th December: Twinning in Action conference
19th December: Freedom of Movement picket at St Pancras Station
11th December: CADFA event in Newcastle
11th-22nd December: CADFA leaders' visit begins the Twinning in Action project
6 December: Please sign our LET TALAL TRAVEL FROM GAZA petition.
4 November: Please sign our Palestine and Jerusalem petition.
8 October: Abu Dis young man horribly beaten by Israeli army
6-15 October: CADFA youth visit from Palestine
28 September: House demolished in Abu Dis
22 September: New Israeli land confiscations east of Abu Dis
15 September: CADFA happy to announce our new project Twinning in Action - more soon...
15 September: CADFA update September 2014
5 September: Johar Nasser Johar rearrested
5 September: Hassan Eissa Shahdeh from Abu Dis had adminstrative detention extended
26 August: Ceasefire agreed after 51 days of horror, death and destruction in Gaza.
22 August: Six people shot and wounded in their feet during a demonstration against the war on Gaza
July-August: War on Gaza, demonstrations every night in Abu Dis
1 August: Mohammed Nasser (23) beaten and arrested by Israeli army when returning from work
28 July: Eid Mubarak. Hard to celebrate in the context of terrible attacks on Gaza.
July/August:On-going protests in London and Palestine about the Israeli war on Gaza
25 July: Nine people shot dead in the West Bank, 500 injured
20 July: CADFA conference London
12th July: Adam Eriqat shot in the head with a rubber bullet
7th July: Israeli war on Gaza
29th June: beginning of Ramadan
28th June: Youthpass celebration, Dar Assadaqa
27th June: CADFA party in Lewisham celebrated Adam and Johar's release
23rd June: Major invasion of houses in Abu Dis by Israeli army
22nd June: Israeli army invaded the Al Quds University
22nd June: CADFA event in Norwich
21st June: CADFA event in Cambridge
17th June: Adam and Johar released.
8th June: CADFA Volunteer Event
4th June: Israelis invaded the solidarity tent, shot local cars, arrested people
1st June: Israeli army attacked prisoner solidarity tent in Abu Dis
31st May: CADFA summer fair followed by Prisoner March in Camden
27th May: Dr Sameeh Wehesh killed by Israeli tear gas
22nd May: CADFA ask you to write to the Israeli Embassy about Adam and Johar
15th May: Nakba Day demo in Abu Dis. In Camden, demo against the Israeli tear gas
4th May: Hassan Shuhadeh arrested while prisoners on administrative detention continue their hunger strike
May 2014: Israeli army heightening the Separation Wall, shutting schools with tear gas
28th April: Free the footballers! Adam and Johar arrested
24th April: CADFA prisoner day picket
8 April: CADFA "Evening for Palestine"
30th March: CADFA Cup tournament in London 28th Feb
30th March: Israeli soldiers entered Abu Dis Boys' School, threw tear gas
19th March: Israelis completed wall round Cliff Hotel
15th March: Vigil for Judge Ra'id Za'eter killed by Israeli military
9th March: Women's visit from Palestine
8th March: CADFA International Women's Day celebrations
7th March: CADFA + Hackney group International Women's Day
6th March: CADFA + S.E. London group International Women's
5th March: CADFA + Brent group International Women's Day
Please sign petition for Adam and Johar
22 Jan-2 Feb: Student visit from Palestine
16 February: Six Bedouin homes destroyed by Israel in Azariyeh next to Abu Dis
13 February: Israeli settlers took over Bab al-Shams
1 February:CADFA student twinning conference
31 January: Adam and Johar shot by Israeli soldiers
30 January: Raast play for CADFA
29 January: Stories Under the Kuffiyeh
22 Jan-2 Feb: Student visit from Palestine
18 January: Israeli army invades the Al Quds University again
1st January: Happy New Year 2014
10th December: TEN YEARS OF CAMDEN ABU DIS LINKS in Abu Dis and Camden
27th November: Abu Dis girl died in ambulance prevented from passing Israeli military checkpoint
26th November: many arrests at peaceful demo on road junction with settlement
18th November: Please sign our petition by end November
17th November:30 people wounded at Al Quds University
9th November: Killings at checkpoints and Abu Dis youth shot in face
October 23rd: Disturbances continued in Abu Dis; youth made a hole in Separation Wall
October 22nd: Israeli army demolished house in Abu Dis, closed university, shot and injured.
October 18th: CADFA music evening, Camden
October: Olive Harvest - again very difficult for Abu Dis people whose trees are on the other side of the Separation Wall
October 15th: Happy Eid to those who celebrate
October 8th: Israeli army invaded Al Marfa therapy centre, Abu Dis
Late September: New EVS volunteers in Palestine and UK
21st September: Volunteer Day in Dar Assadaqa and Camden

Early September: CADFA student visit to Palestine together with Palestinian Youth Union Dar Assadaqa moves to third home in Abu Dis!
End August: School year begins in Palestine: UNRWA School still open! CADFA pleased with its role at the end of last year and congratulates everyone local in finding a solution! Many days lost because of Israeli army throwing tear gas round schools.
27th August:Final Common Ground concert in Camden.
25th August: hole made in the Separation Wall in Abu Dis/ Aizariyeh for the third time. Israeli army attacked Al Quds University several times, shot tear gas and rubber bullets, wounded people.
15th-30th August 2013: Common Ground project (young people from Palestine to Aberystwyth, Knighton, Worcester, Oxford, Northampton, Waltham Forest and London
July 2013: Nightly invasions of Abu Dis by Israeli army
Sat 6th July: children's drama performance
Sat 6th July: 'Open the Prison' demo in Camden
July 2013: Children's visit from Palestine a great success in the end - click here for project page and here for blog
*: Save the Abu Dis UNWRA school!*
28 June:CADFA APPEAL for funds to help with extra costs of delayed children's visit
23 June: CADFA child visitors miss flight as their headteacher held by Israelis
19 June: Student twinning conference, SOAS
16 June: Prisoner march (demo) in Camden
8 June: CADFA university student visit from Palestine
May-June: Nightly demos, arrests, clashes, tear gas filling Abu Dis
18 May: Abu Dis journalist shot in the mouth with a rubber bullet
17 May: Abu Dis and Aizariyeh protestors made a hole in the Separation Wall
15 May: Nakba Day protests in Abu Dis and Kentish Town
9 May: Two Abu Dis brothers aged 14 and 15 arrested by Israeli army
28 April: Israeli army invaded houses in Abu Dis
24 April: 'Remembering Jenin' event in Camden
23 April: Exciting news for CADFA – we will organise a visit including kids from Gaza
22 April: Big demonstration in Abu Dis. Israeli army shot a driver in his face while driving a group of children in the main street.
17 April: Camden protest for Palestinian Prisoners' Day
Early April: CADFA group visit to Palestine; new EVS volunteers welcomed in both Camden and Abu Dis
30 March: Land day activities in Abu Dis
24 March: Dar Assadaqa International women's day event in Abu Dis
23 March: CADFA International women's day event in London
20 March: Book launch: 'Look at Our Lives: Student Twinning with Palestine'
20 March: New protest village set up to protest against land expropriation
15 March: ' A Day in My Life' Palestinian women's visit to London
9 March: Dar Assadaqa celebrates International Women's Day
24 Feb: London demo for release of Samer and protesting against killing of Arafat Jaradat
23 Feb: CADFA welcome Sahar Francis from Addameer
12 Feb: Ibrahim Afana arrested (please write letter)
7 Feb: Samer Issawi, 200 days of hunger strike
2 Feb: Bab al-Shams London
End Jan: Four new projects agreed for CADFA: Palestinian women's visit to UK, students' visit, kids' visit and extension of the volunteer project to Palestine
20 Jan: solidarity tent set up in Abu Dis in support of Samer Issawi
17 Jan: demonstration in Abu Dis supporting Samer Issawi, long-term prison hunger striker
Mid-Jan: UN issue report about the Israeli settlements and their effects
11 Jan: Bab al-Shams protest village against the settlement projects
4 Jan - Abu Dis protest on the land the Israelis are again trying to take for the E1 project
28 December: Demo on Abu Dis land against the E1 project
27 December: Israel demolished 2 houses in Aizariyeh in connection with E1 project
25 December: Walid Sharaf and Mohammed Mahmoud Halabiyeh both released from prison December - reports shows 900 Palestinian children have been arrested this year
17 December: Abu Dis and Aizariyeh councils received Israeli confiscation orders taking 1200 donums of land - part of E1 project
10 December: week of Human Rights events begins in Camden - click here for press releases [English] and here [Arabic]
8 December: Human Rights Day in Abu Dis
20 November: another invasion of Al Quds University
18 November: Israeli army invaded Al Quds University
14 November: Israeli war on Gaza
3 November: Football tournament in Regents' Park
2 November: candlelit march for Balfour Day
25 October: Football visit from Palestine
4 October: CADFA's 8th birthday party
3 October: CADFA visit to Palestine
1 October: First CADFA Palestinian volunteers arrive in London 30 September: New land to go to the Qidar settlement
19 September: Nights of Israeli military action and tear gas continue in Abu Dis; last night rubber bullets and young people wounded
12 September: Israeli army caused chaos in mid-Abu Dis by holding a training exercise in the main street.
28 August: 14 year old attacked by Israeli soldiers in Abu Dis - click here for video
28 August: CADFA 'Palestinian evening" in Hastings
19 August: Best wishes for Eid al-Fitr
28 July: Worker on way to Jerusalem killed by soldiers at checkpoint near Abu Dis
21 July: Launch of Stories from our Mothers CD, readings by Julie Christie and Jennie Stoller
21st July: CADFA Conference 2012 - click here for programme and here for photos
6-17th July: CADFA's 7th children's visit from Palestine
16 June-19 July: Summer camp at Dar Assadaqa
27 May: CADFA comedy benefit
13th May: Demo in support of Palestinian prisoners blocks road to Maale Adumim
17th April - Palestinian Prisoners' Day - mass hunger strike begins. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR PETITION
7th April - Twinning conference, Jenin
Early April - Group visit to Abu Dis
2nd April - Israeli government decides to fund new settlement on Abu Dis land. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR PROTEST LETTER
1st April - new EVS volunteers to Abu Dis
24th March: Women's celebrations in Abu Dis and Camden
20 March: Vigils for Hana Shalabi and 3 events for women's visit
16 March: Women's visit from Palestine begins
26 February: Candlelit vigil for Khader Adnan in London
21 February: Meeting about Jerusalem and E1 project
15 February: Solidarity picket for Khader Adnan in Abu Dis
14 February: Solidarity picket for Khader Adnan in London
28 January: 'Prisoner march' in Camden
17 January: Launch of Save the schools, protect the people, end the E1 settlement project
1 January 2012: HAPPY NEW YEAR
31 December: Group 1 of EVS volunteers now back and Group 2 on their way to Abu Dis
20 December: Human Rights Day event in Camden
17 December: Prisoner Exchange: 27 Abu Dis prisoners released including Mohammed Saleh Mohsen and all Abu Dis child prisoners
10 December: Human Rights Day event at Dar Assadaqa, Abu Dis
27 November: Salah Ayyad
26 November: Twinning Conference in Liverpool
19 November: Exhibition opening and twinning workshop for students
10-21 November: 'Look at our Lives' student visit to London
13 October: Solidarity with hunger striking prisoners in Camden and Abu Dis
3 October: Dar Assadaqa rennovations begin
2 October: Demo in Abu Dis in support of Palestinian prisoners on their seventh day of hunger strike - article, video, pictures
2 September: First volunteers begin to prepare for EVS in Palestine.
30 August: Eid Mubarak
10 August: Abu Dis students prepare to visit Britain
1 August: Al Quds student killed on first Ramadan
30 July: Good news about CADFA volunteer project
25 July: CADFA AGM
23 July: CADFA summer visit to Palestine begins
June/July: Progress on child prisoner campaign
16-27 June: CADFA's sixth youth visit from Palestine
5 June: Preparing for the youth visit
May 2011: Child prisoners' campaign: 800 signatures to date and still collecting – click here for letter and please return by 14th June
25 April: CADFA at Twinning Conference in Palestine
Saturday 9 April: Camden teachers' visit to Abu Dis - click here, here [Arabic] and here
2 April: CADFA conference
17 March: Bedouin in Abu Dis given house demolition orders
16 March: More Abu Dis land to be confiscated by the Israeli military
3-10 March - CADFA women's visit from Palestine
1 March: Update from child prisoner campaign - click here for letter to sign
19-27 February - CADFA visit to Abu Dis/ Palestine
7 February: Ken Loach benefit for CADFA - click here and here for news articles
25 January: Walid Sharaf (17) taken to hospital from Israeli jail in critical state and family not informed
9 January: Celebration in Abu Dis for release of Ahmed Salah, student from Al Quds University who had been in prison for 3 and a half years
January 2011: Israelis refuse all permission for pregnant women from Abu Dis to go to hospital in Jerusalem

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